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Thigh Glider Body Workout

Defines & tones your inner & outer thighs, buttocks & hips • The interchangeable resistance cords work your outer thighs, then switch to burn those hard to reach inner thigh muscles • Soft contoured leg padding for maximum comfort • Includes: Thigh Glider, upper body resistance bands, user guide & workout DVD
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The versatile ab glider abdominal exerciser is designed to help you develop your core muscles

The ThighGlider is a gym-quality machine that lets you exercise at home and achieve maximum results in minimal time with this three-in-one machine. The smooth gliders make exercising fun and easy, while the dual direction resistance offers a deep
muscle-toning workout for hips, thighs and buns. Glide in for your inner thighs and press out for your outer thighs. Both directions contract your butt and hip muscles. The Thigh Glider is easy to set up and convenient to store.

The Thigh Glider is a home fitness, exercise machine that targets Buttocks, Thighs, Core & More.

The interchangeable resistance cords allow you to work your outer thighs, then switch to burn those hard to reach inner thigh muscles. Beginners need not worry, with our user friendly guide and workout DVD all of the support needed to get those lean Thighs is already included!

Every Thigh Glider comes with two commercial grade resistance cords for four levels of resistance in two directions so is ideal for beginners or advanced workouts.

The upper arm resistance bands are also included and can be added to your workout, giving you the ability to shape & tone your arms, all at the same time.

One feature of the Thigh Glider for added comfort, is the two stop wedges, included with your order to ensure that you can limit the range of motion and tailor your workout. The stop wedges can also be used to isolate specific muscles for a targetted, intense, tailored workout.

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